About this Project

This website is hosted on a Raspberry Pi Pico W, in the Robotlab, hotglued inside a Big Mouth Billy Bass. You can remotely control Big Mouth Billy by clicking the buttons on the main page.

The Pico W runs MicroPython code to control the Fish motors, and to receive requests for web pages and to render out the webpages based on templates.

Phew! Phew!

Phew! is the web server, logging system, and page templating system use a new MicroPython library from Pimoroni


The logging system enables you to log important information to the Pico W's local file system, noting the date and time, type of message and the message itself. The types of messages are: debug, info, warn, error.

The logging system has a function called Truncate which can be used to trim the log file down to a certain number of lines. This ensures the Pico W doesn't run out of space.


NTP is used to Synchronise the Pico W's realtime clock with a network type protocol server, which it does right after connecting to the local wifi network.

This ensures the log files record the correct time, and uptime is correctly displayed on the main website.

Code on Github

You can download this code yourself to have a play with by visiting: https://www.github.com/kevinmcaleer/bigmouth_wifi